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I’m your huckleberry. Teen homeschooled scicommer sharing opinions on arrival, leaving my footprint. Founder of STEM First! Gen.

About Monique Faith Boodram

I'm Monique, a homeschooled writer and science communication enthusiast. So far, I've won the IUPAC Nobelium Contest, and I plan to participate in more STEAM activities. Recently, I founded the STEM First! Gen. publication for unique science communicators. I'm also an aspiring consulting surgeon & medical detective (uh?). Here, I share my opinions on arrival, in the heat of the debate. My cups of writing tea are education, medicine, the impact of AI, politics (both state and nation wide), crime, and the integration of STEM and the Arts. There's more to see on my blog ( and my social media outposts (@AgentFaithMD/@AgentMFaith). Cheers!

Editor of STEM First! Gen.
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