Farewell to Her Majesty

There is no doubt that when the people are presented with a monarchial power that political views and differences will arise, and therefore divide parties. Periods fashionably deemed with names in our history have passed where the established governments of leading nations had their influence on many, creating huge impressions in the timeline of the world. We of the present have the chance to look at this timeline and formulate our own thoughts about the progression, expansion, stability, halts, and even any noticeable and threatening decline that we have been dealt with, compared to anything before present. In doing so we will see that some things have been preserved, among them the British Monarchy, prevailing in worldwide influences for an impossible amount of centuries.

A part of Humanity’s culture has experienced change after such a long period of continuity. Expected but not expected, when a person has been a part of us for almost ten decades, in everyday conversation, in matters of importance, in the home, in the nation, in other nations, and perhaps the entire population of people who are acquainted with the doings in and around the globe, it will be felt, or for the least known. Generations of attention will be turned away from having a lifelong figure in existence, and will have to acknowledge Her Majesty as a part of a more recent history to the newly sprouting youth, stagnant in the timeline which continues to develop.



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Monique Faith Boodram

I’m your huckleberry. SHSU student sharing opinions on arrival, leaving my footprint. Sherlockian and SciCommer... and Wodehousian...