In this post, I will briefly answer common questions about viruses. Some of the answers I provide are summaries of information from other sites; these are my “too long; didn’t read” (TL;DR) sections. First the question is presented, then one or more reference links are given; finally the TL;DR box below would have the shortened and brief answer. Some questions and answers can be found abundantly on the internet; therefore I didn’t go the extra mile to put any reference links. Have fun!

Are viruses living organisms, like bacteria?

Why do viruses “infect”, and who are their targets?

Introduction to the Viruses (Berkeley University of California Museum of Paleontology)

Do viruses replicate or reproduce?

This PDF I found on Google has a sensible answer. It’s actually four pages from a Biology Glencoe/McGraw-Hill textbook; unfortunately I don’t know which textbook that may be.

Where did viruses originate from?

Virus — Wikipedia (Section: Origins)
21.1B Evolution of Viruses — Biology LibreTexts
Three hypotheses on origin of viruses — The DONG-A ILBO

What makes viruses different from each other- what is their taxonomy?

This PDF by the Community Colleges of Spokane clearly outlines virus distinction and classification (taxonomy). It also goes further into virus reproduction strategies and other virology topics. (This easily became one of my favorite PDF’s that I found on the internet.) Thanks, Community Colleges of Spokane!

How do different types of viruses emerge?

Check out this YouTube video by Stated Clearly. It explains how the recent COVID-19 virus possibly emerged.

That’s all, folks! I might update this post by adding more Q&A sections, or I’d just start a new one. I hope you enjoyed it; be sure to check out other posts on the site. Don’t forget to stay curious!

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